Active Directory Governance and Policies

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Active Directory Governance Model Oversight Policies
Committee Members: John Salguero, PMP IT Program Manager Jonathan Hardy Franklin College Senior Manager James Brannon Franklin College Systems Administrator Jim Metcalf Terry College IT Manager Chris Balthrop College of Environment & Design Systems Administrator Doug Lloyd EITS Systems Administrator Stephanie Ayers EITS Systems Administrator Wayne Crotts College of Public Health Systems Administrator Michael Jacobson Office of VP for Research Systems Administrator Seth Filkins Undergraduate Admissions Systems Administrator

This Committee recommends that, the person accountable for the acceptance or rejection of proposals and recommendations will be Dr. Tim Chester, CIO.

Overall Challenges or Drivers       Most of challenges are organizational rather than technical Difficulty enforcing campus policies and procedures Competing/Higher IT priorities Lack of ownership of identity management by a central group Lack of institutional senior management's support and enforcement Problems with our institution's technologies/infrastructure


Active Directory Governance Model Oversight Policies
Governance Committee’s Charter       An honest and thorough job of formulating/writing the policies. Enforcement is Out-of-scope for this committee in this phase. Support and direction from upper management will be required for enforcement to be successful. Consider this a living document comprised of a sub-set of Active Directory Policies. The document will grow as Active Directory is refined at UGA, and more scenarios are discovered by the Colleges/Departments. Main focus of this committee is to engage a cross-section of UGA departments and colleges in refining the Active Directory

Membership  Committee composition will be dependent on the participation in the EITS managed Active Directory. o Chair,  Holds voting rights  This persons role is that of a facilitator  Should be appointed by the Office of the CIO  Should represent the interests of the UGA campuses as a whole  Communicate with Office of the CIO o Secretary,  Holds voting rights  Communications, specifically  Dissemination of proposed policy changes (a week before the vote)  Meeting summary to be uploaded to a wiki page  Calendaring and scheduling  Voting request (call for votes) will go to UGANET, ITMF o Remedy queue point person/coordinator  Holds voting rights  Disseminate policy change requests to the committee from the Remedy queue o Members/college reps,  Holds voting rights  Tenants of EITS managed Active Directory  Those with a trust in EITS managed Active Directory o Advisors/consultants – UGA, and/or EITS  Do not hold voting rights  People with expertise  Managing an AD domain or their own OU  Future participants ENTERPRISE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 2/28/2012 Page 2 of 9

Active Directory Governance Model Oversight Policies
 Accountable parties for accepting, rejecting, and enforcing proposals from the committee will be: o Office of the CIO  Dr. Tim Chester, CIO  Danna Gianforte, Associate CIO Representation expectations o A cross-section of UGA is required o College/Department and Administrative level representative required Meetings o Types of meetings  General Meeting  Frequency – every Thursday at 10:00 until March 8th, 2012.  Purpose – administrative planning and changes for the committee  Voting meeting  Frequency – once a month, dates TBD after March 8th, 2012  Purpose – discuss, plan, and vote on implementation of policy changes and Active Directory enhancements

 


Active Directory Governance Model Oversight Policies
Policy acceptance  Submission guidelines o Deadlines a week before scheduled vote o Submit ticket/document to Help Desk and attach document o The Remedy point person will disseminate these...
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