Active and Passive Euthanasia 2

Topics: Death, Euthanasia, Medical ethics Pages: 4 (1527 words) Published: June 29, 2011
In this dissertation we will explore active and passive euthanasia, the brouhaha surrounding the two and which one is appropriate and morally sound for modern times. James Rachel has written a very poignant supposition on active and passive euthanasia. Though many disagree with him on the appropriateness of the practice as it relates to humans and what is considered alive. Some believe that one is dead when the brain is dead or in a comatose state.

Conversely, many believe that a person is alive as long as the heart is beating via technical help or not. There are many sides to the controversy of rather or not euthanasia should be administered. There is the question of morality, the question of active versus passive euthanasia and the question of when euthanasia should be properly carried out. None of these questions are without backlash and consequences. There seem to be more loopholes within this issue than there are cut and dry. Yet when you look at the problem on a personal level with the actual individuals involved, some of those loopholes almost disappear…seemingly. God put people on this earth to live and be prosperous-to be fruitful and multiply, as the Bible says. Some believe that when it gets to the point where the quality of person's life gets so dark that they can no longer function in the world without severe medicinal help, then there is no reason to coerce that person to stay alive (please consider the money that it would cost to warehouse this individual-when money could be allocated to helping children).

Euthanasia is therefore necessary and proper for those whose practical life is null and void due to being comatose ,in a vegetative state of being or suffering from terminal illness according to supporters of euthanasia. The brain is the epic center of our functionality as humans. If a person is in unbearable pain and close to death or is in a vegetative state and no longer able to function, their life is by all practical means over....
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