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Engage, Study and Activate can be used in different orders and it depends on what we want to accomplish .However, if we want students to learn effectively, these three moments should be present in lesson sequences in order to make a successful language teaching and learning. (The only limitation is time) The engage moment focus on trying to get students hooked involving their emotions and mind through games, music, discussions, anecdotes, dramatic stories .So somehow, students can feel related to the classroom material. For eg: If you’re going to do a lesson on travel language, you might start off by asking your students a few questions about where they went for their last holidays. Moreover, you can draw their attention by asking them to make predictions .For ex if you show them a piece of information you could start by asking them if it is from a newspaper. When it comes to Study moment ,the student focus on construction practice(Lg itself ,how it is used, pronunciation, repetition drills ,etc)For eg make sentences using some words from a list related to hunting ,here there is some kind of controlled language.Moreover it has to do with reflection and analysis because we can show students examples of lg and try to work out the rules. For eg: You can start off by showing students a text and tell them to recognize past tense forms in there and then ask them for its used or make them find words or phrases to further research or that they want to concentrate later on) On the other hand, When students read or listen something they understand the message rather than thinking about language form,they are seeing or hearing and work on activation.When they are exposed to in-put,they pick up everything in chunks,you try to make them grasp the meaning.In other words, in the activate moment,students are given activities in which they use all and any lg which may be appropriate for a particular topic or situation..Therefore,they might have the chance to try out real lg...
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