Activated Charcoal as Fish Tank Water Pollutant Removal

Topics: Water, Activated carbon, Carbon Pages: 14 (3745 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Effectiveness of Activated Charcoal from Mahogany Fruit Shell as Fish Tank Water Pollutant Removal

Cagayan de Oro National High School
8th-2nd st. Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City

An Investigatory Project
in Research

Proposed by:
Chiu, Gideon Emmanuel
Zalsos, Edzel A.
Paredes, Jonnel B.

Mr. Apolinario Samson

Chapter I

There are so many things that we can find in the environment. Those that are found in nature can be improved to obtain a very useful product. Thus, man discovers infinite ways and makes use of accessible resources to satisfy the longings for health and wellness.

Nowadays, water quality has become the popular issue as best quality water is needed for their daily lives. There are many types of treatment to improve water quality and one of them is by using activated carbon. The purpose of this study is to identify the effectiveness of activated carbon from mahogany fruit shell as fish tank water pollutant removal. Today charcoals are very expensive. Charcoals are very important in steaming and other uses. The researchers studied on the Mahogany as alternative for charcoal so that the people can’t spend more money in buying expensive commercial charcoals like coconut husk charcoal. Mahogany tree has a fruit covered by a very hard shell. Its fruit shell is very good substitute of coconut husk because of its structure.

Swietenica Macropylla is common in the Philippines. It is commonly called as mahogany. Mahogany is a tropical evergreen deciduous tree that can attain heights of 150feet. It has a broad rounded symmetrical crown. The leaves are primitively compound, ovalate-lanceolate and small, fragrant, rather inconspicuous flowers. The fruit is a large (4-6”) greenish-brown woody capsule, splitting into 5 parts releasing flat, long-winged, light-brown seeds. Its beautiful wood is used for furniture, fixtures, musical instruments, inlay, boats and airplanes. In this study, the researchers focused more on the Mahogany fruit shell.

Background of the Study
The researchers conducted the study because Mahogany is common in the Philippines. It is very attainable and very simple. It is also conducted so that people in our community will not spend more money to buy expensive charcoal. This study will help many people especially to the people who can’t afford to buy activated charcoal. The Mahogany fruit shells are chosen because instead of throwing, it can be recycled and use as a substitute for charcoal.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to prove the effectiveness of Mahogany fruit shell as substitute for charcoal. This investigatory project is sought to answer the following question: 1.) Is Mahogany fruit shell good enough as activated charcoal? 2.) How effective is Mahogany fruit shells as activated charcoal? 3.) Is Mahogany fruit shell charcoal environment friendly?

Hypothesis of the Study
The Mahogany fruit shell activated charcoal is effective in cleaning water in fish tanks.

Significance of the Study
This project will help many people in our community. This study is useful for household uses, office uses, etc. Many people will benefit from this study in a way of having another option on buying such commercial activated charcoal. And in this way, the usually trashed mahogany shell will be of use, fruitful and meaningful as well. It would tell the society on how useful the mahogany shell.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
This study is focused on the effectiveness of Mahogany fruit shell activated charcoal as fish tank water pollutant removal. This study is only limited in using Mahogany fruit shell as activated charcoal and it does not include other main parts of the Mahogany.

Conceptual Framework

Mahogany Fruit Shell

Gathering of Mahogany Fruit Shell

Burning of the Mahogany fruit shell

Adding of CaCl2 to charcoal...
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