Actions vs. Thoughts

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Actions vs. Thoughts

The sky is filled with smoke; people are running around in a panic; the sounds of sirens are echoing through the streets of New York City on the 11th of September 2011. The panic was created by the 19 Al-Qaeda members acting as suicide bombers to seek revenge on the United States for placing troops in Saudi Arabia, helping Israel, and for plotting against Iraq. The 19 Al-Qaeda members who died fighting for what they believed in, which, along with Antigone who stood up for her brother against the harsh rule of Creon, and the story of Graeme Taylor fighting on his teacher’s behalf, are examples of how taking action is, in most cases more “important” than thoughts.

While, in most cases, taking action is the more productive choice out of the two, the thoughts that lead up to the action can be thought of as the more “important” step in many cases. Without the thoughts that lead up to the action there would be no plan and therefore there wouldn’t be an action. Then there are the cases when it is better that no action was taken. For example, when a kid is being bullied they may thing that the best (and only) solution is to fight back, while in most cases that would only worsen the problem. So, it is better that the action isn’t taken because the thought is the smarter route in this situation.

When Creon sets the law that states that Antigone cannot bury her brother, she is flabbergasted, so she takes a stand. While breaking the law set by Creon, Antigone buries her brother so his soul could rest in peace. While, like her sister, Ismene, Antigone thought this law was morally incorrect, but what Antigone did differently is why she is the hero in “Antigone”. While her action had consequences, Antigone did what she set out to do-bury her brother and took action to do so. If she didn’t stand up to Creon and her own sister, Polynices would never have been put to rest, and the harsh rulings of Creon would continue with no way to stop them....
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