Actions to Take in Response to Concerns That a Colleague May Be

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Childhood Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Actions to take in response to concerns that a colleague may be:

a.Failing to comply with safeguarding procedures:

All organisations which work with children have a responsibility to recruit staffs who are suitable to work with children. When some one applies to work with children, he/she will be asked to complete a form to disclose any convictions that he/she may have. A CRB check will also be done for that person. Even with these checks in place abuse can, and has, happened within schools. This is called institutional abuse.

Anyone who works in school has the responsibility to take action if it is felt that colleagues are not following the codes of conduct. All staff has a duty to comply with policies and procedures. Failure to comply may put children and young people at risk of harm or abuse, so concerns should always be reported to the safeguarding co-ordinator or the head teacher. We should not delay in acting if we know or suspect that our colleagues are not complying with safeguarding procedures. Though it is difficult to complain about colleagues we should always have children and young people as our first priority. But we should not discuss these matters with anyone else.

b.Harming, abusing or bullying a child or young person:

Any person working in schools who suspects that a colleague may be abusing a child or young person must act on their suspicions. This action will serve not only to protect children but also colleagues from false accusations.

If we have concerns that a colleague is abusing a child, our actions should be exactly the same as if the abuser is a parent, family member or stranger. We must act immediately to protect children by informing the head teacher. If the allegation is against the head teacher, we should report concerns to the designated person for child protection or directly to the Education Authority. We have to fill up the concern form when needed. We may need to give evidence if the case is taken to...
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