Actions Speak Louder Than Words 3

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Want Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: June 9, 2011
This common saying means that your actions communicate more clearly than your words can ever do. The principle of actions being louder than words has been said in many other ways like “All know the way but few actually walk it!” and “Well done is better than well said.” Nowadays, communication, the ability to express views, plays an important role in one’s life or career. But words without action mean little. In today’s world, it’s commonplace to find people making big promises but it is very rare to find people fulfilling all their promises. Firstly, it is obvious that without taking actions, words, however promising, mean nothing. Many people say anything they want. However, the ability of doing things varies from person to person. People who always say that they can do everything generally end up achieving nothing. Similarly, many other people can go great lengths telling stories about their bravery, but, they impress no one. Real courage or bravery is illustrated only in the face of danger. A hero is one who performs in the face of danger and leads by examples, not by words. Secondly, just by words, we can draw up wonderful plans, but these very plans will lead us to nothing if we don't translate them to actions. Moreover, people usually evaluate a person by actions, not by words. In fact, one’s true character comes out through his behavior. A lot of people want to hide their real emotion by saying things which do not correspond with their true nature. Words only become valuable when they go hand in hand with actions. In emergent situations such as fire accidents, a genuine hero is a person of actions; he would save many lives with his timely actions. Words are just words, so if anyone tells you so many fantastic things, do not believe him so easily. You need proof from his actions. In fact a person who speaks much but does little is termed a ‘loud mouth’. It is said that if you want to go a thousand miles you must take the first step. This is not...
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