Actions & Appearances for House on Mango Street

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Actions & Appearances
By Webster Brown p.2 12/12/2011

In society today, people are judged by how we act, and show our appearances to others. Esperanza’s appearances and actions are the reason she decided to leave Mango Street. Throughout Esperanza’s life on Mango Street she has been criticized about her appearance by being called fat feet, ugly, and chicken lips by her neighbors in the vignette “And Some More.”(page 35- 38) She also has low self-esteem about herself because she thinks she has ugly legs like in the vignette “Chanclas.”(page 46 - 48) Some people like the Oriental man from the photography store found her very attractive, and they all kissed her like in the vignette “The First Job.”(page 53 - 55) These are some of the reasons why she decided to leave Mango Street. Though some of Esperanza’s actions she did on Mango Street were good acts but turned out bad, like when she tried to help Sally from kissing those guys that forced her to because they stole her keys, but was told to go away; in the vignette “The Monkey Garden.”(page 94 – 98) Another action she did was when she went to give the older Oriental man she met at work a kiss on the check in the vignette “The First Job”(page 53 - 55), but was instead a stolen kiss on the lips. These are some of the reasons why she decided to leave Mango St. The appearance of Esperanza and her action’s she made are the main reasons to leave Mango Street. Esperanza had so many painful memories of Mango Street that she had on to endure, and so when she became the age when she could move out, she left Mango Street.
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