Action Research Plan

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Action Research Plan

We all want our students to do their best. In today’s world where standardized testing can greatly impact not only the student’s life, but also the teacher’s job, the question arises concerning the optimal time to teach students reading, writing, language arts, social studies, science, and math. Does the time of day effect how well a student learns? Is morning or afternoon more compatible with analytical thinking? What about creative thinking? To find out these answers, I would look at previous data collected by researching scholarly journals. I would also attempt to collect data within my own school by having students learn math, social studies, and science in the morning. I would have the students learn reading, language arts, and writing in the afternoon during the first semester of school. During the second semester, I would place the students in reading, language arts, and writing in the morning. I would place the students in math, science, and social studies in the afternoon during the second semester of school. Using standardized tests after each semester, I would test the students on what was taught during these semesters. I would attempt to discover which time was optimal for learning these different subjects.

Using scientific research, I would first hypothesize. In this scenario, I would hypothesize analytical thinking would be better done in the morning, whereas creative thinking would be better in the afternoon. Therefore, I would have the students learn math in the morning, and reading/language arts in the afternoon. Then I would do the fieldwork, which includes a literature review of previous scholarly work as well teaching math in the morning for one semester. I would then evaluate how well the students learned through standardized testing. I would then place the students in reading and language arts in the morning for a semester, and then evaluate how well the students learned using standardized testing. I would then...
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