Action Plan

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Action Plan

Creating the ultimate club experience

Programme:Project 1.2

Class: LM1A

Group: B1

Project Group

Leader: Katinka van den Houten511063
+316 10772325

Secretary: Remy Kwakernaat 510037
+316 14307791

Communicator: Paha Erfanipour 485923
+316 49999792

Planner: Robin van den Boog 513425
+316 11539989

Archivist: Cristian Stavar 510179
+316 84371666

Tutor: Cecile Brand
Consultant: Els Reijnen

Project Group2
Project Background4
Project Objective5
Project Delineation5
Project Results5
Project Preconditions6
Critical Success Factors6
Project Quality Plan7
Communication Plan7
Risk Control10

Project Background

Ymere housing corporation is working together with the municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Centre district on a large project called “Plan 1012”, named after the area postal code. Ymere is one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands, active in the Northern Randstad. The organization manages about 82,500 houses, shops and commercial business accommodations, and develops new houses and social property on a large scale. This project, which they are working on, is created to improve the red light district and eventually eliminate any illegal prostitution and drug barons from the area. The idea is to achieve a structural change in this area, the image must change into a high quality and attractive entrance area that reflects the ambitions that Amsterdam has. The municipality of Amsterdam is working on putting the red light district in a different light and therefore is engaging and encouraging other companies that are situated in the area, to do so as well. The commissioning client is the Ymere housing corporation and they are responsible for managing a big building located on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in the Amsterdam city centre. The project group is assigned to create a new concept for an ultimate club experience and because this area is an entertainment centre, Ymere wants to use this building to accommodate a very trendy club where visitors can gain a new and special experience. The concept for this club has to differ from the other clubs located in the area, so no more sex theatres such as “Casa Rosso” or “Yab Yum”, but more clubs which offers the visitors a high quality experience such as “The Supperclub” offers to their guests or “The (old) Roxy” used to. Knowing more about the assignment and the background of the project means that the project group can focus on the process that follows. We will be brainstorming for a new concept, participating in desk research and participating in field research by visiting two clubs in the Netherlands and two clubs virtually abroad. When the research is done the project group will document everything in a written advisory report for the commissioning client. In this report we will advise the commissioning client on an innovative concept for The Ultimate Club Experience. The advisory report will consist of several parts:

1. The professional supply and demand analysis
2. The observation assignment
3. Development of the concept (the brainstorming stage)
4. Development of the concept
5. English summary

The advisory report will be presented and explained to the commissioning client, the consultant and tutor by the members of the project group, in a presentation.

Project Objective

On Friday 23 December the project group will have produced an Advisory Report consisting of a professional supply and demand analysis, the observation assignment, development of the concept including the brainstorming stage and a summary. These...
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