Action Learning Review

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Feeling Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: March 23, 2013
1. Observation
​ As part of a new initiative, the company hired a pastry chef previously owner of a well-reviewed bistro for 8 years. I was brought on board to help achieving company goals because my experience in retail operations. While trying to introduce my ideas over this new concept, the chef constantly oppose herself to change and also tries to supervise the retail operations following the guidelines that she established in her previous business. I explained to her that I was open-minded to her suggestions in retail, however this business would be more effective if we were both concentrating our efforts in our area of expertise. After my intervention, communication was kept to a minimum and in my absence she still applied superficial changes to accommodate her perspective. 1. Analysis

Career transitions at a certain age have a relevant impact in this event, as shown by Feldman in 1988, each career stage comes with different task and psychological issues. Awareness of the different age stages helps me gain insight on the chef’s defensive behavior when hearing my perspective. As being in her late fifties, she would see the young generation of manager as an aggressive competitor, eager to see their career on the fast track while I see myself still experimenting and trying to find my place among colleagues in the work place, showing off my skills and dynamism by enacting changes that I feel will benefit the business. This transition in her life can be linked with personal dilemmas and hardship, this can explain her bitter and resentful feeling associated with the professional statue regression she is experiencing. From being the successful owner of 2 bistros for the past 15 years to a comeback as a specialist working under the rules of her employer, it is evident that conflicting feelings and emotions are affecting her performance creating important personal achievement and power dilemmas. These potential personal dilemmas can affect her leadership...
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