Acting for Film - Looking for Alibrandi, the Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Film, Actor, Emotion Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Acting For Film

Acting on film may look easy from an outsiders perspective but rather, it is a complex and confusing process which is extremely different to on-stage acting. Different actors and directors may take different approaches when taking part in the making of a film. There are techniques and processes which need to be taken into consideration before filming, which can be vital to putting on a good performance and taking a realistic approach. Two Australian films which use various acting techniques are ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ and ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’.

‘Looking for Alibrandi’ is a film which delves into the slightly messed up life a seventeen year old girl. A certain scene from this movie looks at Alibrandi’s home life and the relationship between her, her mother and her grandmother. As the scene revolves around the mother and grandmother fighting, most of the dialogue in this scene comes from them, however the camera is on Alibrandi for majority of the scene. This is a making technique referred to as reaction shots. When watching a film, viewers like to relate to the character on screen and reaction shots are a great way of allowing this. It is quite easy to tell from the sound of the speakers voice what is being portrayed on their face, however there is no way of understanding the listeners emotions without being able to see their reactions. The listeners expressions should be depicting how we feel as an audience and this is exactly what ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ brings forth. As we see Alibrandi’s reactions we get a better understanding of her perspective and so we can understand the different view points of each character.

Another very emotional scene from ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ occurs between Alibrandi and her grandmother. Alibrandi has just realized that her grandmother has been lying about who her real grandfather is and goes home to confront her. At first Alibrandi has higher status than her grandmother and is in control of the...
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