Act of Heroism

Topics: Automobile, English-language films, Mythological archetypes Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: October 11, 2010
An Act of Heroism

Thesis: An act of heroism can be very rewarding in many different ways.

It was a typical Friday morning at home. I get up and start my chores; my regular

motherly duties. While the kids are getting ready for school, I get breakfast going,

everyone eats and we are off to school. After dropping everyone off at their designated

places, I then return home to start on my school work for the day, while continuing to do


That afternoon, after picking the girls up from school, we contemplated taking a

short trip, hum, Memphis or Nashville? After weight out our options we decided upon

Memphis. After having dinner and packing our bags we head to the store to fill

up on gas. Memphis, here we come.

We are heading down highway 45 when we come to Holly Springs. When, all of

the sudden a vehicle that is three cars in front of us, flips over four times and lands top

side up. We get out of the car to see if anyone is hurt. When all of the sudden we see a

hand coming from the passenger side window. Then, we hear someone calling for help.

The driver had been shoved into the passenger seat. I am looking around and no one is

Trying to help this person, they just stand there watching. As I am walking up to the

window I hear someone say, “You better not help, if something happens and she does not

make it her family might try to sue you.” At that point it did not matter, this was a

person’s life! Myself and another bystander took the ladies arm and pulled her out of the

car. It was a miracle that she was not hurt, not one scratch on her.

As the ambulance arrived she kept asking someone to call her mother. And yet

again the EMT told me “if you call her mother and she has a wreck on her way here you

can be liable. So I dialed the telephone number for her so she could talk with her mother.

She was taken to the hospital where later that day I tried to contact...
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