Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Melissa Guzman
April 1, 2013
Katherine Kellen
Developmental W II
I Believe
To act like a “lady” one should walk with confidence, and always remember to look her best at all times. On the other hand, think like a man and play by the rules of the status quo. I believe that a lady should remember to never let her guard down and give off a confident aurora. I’ve had some experience in relationships and dealing with guys that can manipulate a girls’ mind. Women have to learn how to play by the guys rules and think like a man. It’s the only way to avoid getting played. In this coming day and age, women domination is at a rise. More often than not there are more powerful women officials and CEO’s taking charge. To act like a lady while having a masculine position is key because of discrimination still being a problem. To me, this statement is relatable because I wish to have a successful career in hotel management. This means maintaining my lady-like “composure” but still letting others in the workplace knowing I’m about business. Thinking like a man in the workforce can determine whether you sink or swim in your career. Therefore, women should not settle for a secretary position simply because of their gender but be vigilant to obtain a higher commonwealth. Furthermore, to act like a “lady” but think like a man in woman’s love life is just as important as in their job occupation. A male’s mentality is so complex and understanding how men work can save a broken heart in the long run. If woman knew what makes men tick or go crazy for them then they have the capability to have control over your love life. I learned the hard way about how boys work at a young age. I fell in love with a naive mind to what was to come in the future. My ex-boyfriend had the ability to tell me things and get into my mind simply because he knew I was in love and would do anything for him. As time went on, friends and family told me to be careful because they noticed how manipulative he...