Across the Universe 2

Topics: United States, Time, Vietnam War Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Across The Universe is a movie that is set during the Vietnam War. A young man, named Jude, decides to move from England to the United States to find his dad that he had never meet before. He quickly finds out that the dream of living independently and enjoying his life as an adult, has its own consequences. He realizes that his friends who are independent do not have an easy life. Not only he realizes that being “grown up” is hard but he also losses a little of his innocence by being exposed to the draft United States that had to participate in the Vietnam War. His dream to become an artist didn’t seem so exciting anymore. It is very interesting to see the characters relating their life situation to Beatle songs. It was almost as if they were telling a story trough the songs. That period of time was hard to endure for everyone, but the intense emotion that were seen in the movie felt so real and made it seem like nothing else mattered. The scene where Jude was painting to the “field of strawberries” sang by the Beatles was very intense and emotional. It seemed to relate to his love of his life but also to the war. The movie Across The Universe can also be seen as a musical; the story telling through the songs played, and the fact that the characters sang the songs, it wasn’t played in the background. The movie was filled with different emotions; laughter, happiness, excitement but also sadness, fear and anger. It was an intense movie that really relates to the people who have been through that period of time during the Vietnam War, but also to anyone who has experienced any kind of situations mentioned in the movie. I recommend everyone to watch this movie, especially those who are Beatles fan like me!!
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