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Across the Cove

By | March 2002
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The book I read for my quarterly book report was a story called "The House Across the Cove." This fiction story was written by a lady that is named Barbara Hall. This story all takes place at a place called Bolwood Cove. The main characters are two people by the name of Tyler Crane, which is a seventeen-year-old male, and Abby Winston, which is sixteen-year-old female.

It all starts, as Tyler is haunted at night by shadows, and dreams of his father. Tyler's father died and now Tyler feel's very lonely. As Tyler tries to sleep at night he keeps seeing mysterious lights across the cove and the lights don't help him sleep at all. Then Tyler meets Abby Winston.

Abby is visiting her relatives and she didn't expect to have a very exciting summer. Then she meets Tyler. Although Abby's aunt and uncle don't she should be spending time with Tyler, Abby and Tyler start to become even closer friends.

One day Abby goes over to Tyler's' to hang out with him and his parents told her that he hadn't been home for about twelve hours. Abby starts to worry because they haven't found Tyler yet and it's been forty-six hours. Then about a week has passed and Tyler still hasn't came back, so Abby starts thinking where could he be and she remembers Tyler talking about wanting to go into the house across the cove so she decides to go look for him there.

When Abby goes to the house she discovers many dead body's. It turns out Abby's step mother had killed Tyler and many other people. Abby's step mother killed Tyler because Abby was able to have a great relationship with Tyler and her step mother wasn't even able to have one with her own husband.

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