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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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How does Joan Lingard build tension in “Across the Barricades”? In the text “Across the Barricades” by Joan Lingard, the main feature is the tension and difficulties that are faced by ordinary people and how it affects their lives, because of an appalling conflict between two opposing groups. Joan Lingard keeps the reader’s attention grasped through the steady progression of violence that she shows in the book-billboards to bombings. The tension that Kevin and Sadie face is because of the violent conflicts that keep occurring between the two opposing groups, Protestants and Catholics, and their hatred for each other.

In “Across the Barricades”, Joan Lingard has shown a steady progression of violence. In the first chapter, the only violent act you see is billboard news of a bombing somewhere in the country, this is read by Kevin and Sadie and upon reading this they walk away. This act of theirs is shown by Joan Lingard, because she wants to inform the reader that these kind of violent acts are routine for them. As we read the last chapter, we head into the worst side of violence, where a close friend of Kevin and Sadie dies in a bombing. This incident is shown by Joan Lingard because she wants to show the reader the extents of violence that can occur in a conflict. The level of violence in the 1st chapter is low because Joan Lingard wants to slowly make the reader realise by what degree violence can increase.

Joan Lingard has shown how the conflict between the Protestants and Catholics affects Sadie and Kevin, in “Across the Barricades”. Kevin and Sadie are affected by these conflicts because of the constant fear they have, of getting caught by their families, as their families have strict objections towards their meetings. Families of Kevin and Sadie, also have a constant fear for Kevin and Sadie, as they are worried that if anyone else finds out, they will be in trouble. This fear clearly develops an atmosphere of tension and panic, which Joan Lingard...
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