Across the Barricades and Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Family, Romeo and Juliet, Marriage Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Across the barricades is the second book is an irish story about two lovers who struggel to be together because of the conflict between the protestants and the catholics. The story takes place in Belfast. The city is divided in two with protestats and catholic residents. Sadie belongs to a protestant familly while Kevin belongs to a catholic family. Against all odds Sadie and Kevin fall in love. But their relasionship turns out to be far from easy. Their families and friends are far from exited and tries to stop them in many different ways. they both lose their jobs, and Kevin gets beaten up. eventually they run away together.

Romeo and juliet is a play about two people from two different families fall in love. The two families are hate echother. So Romeo and Juliet get married in secret. But in a battle romeo kills juliets cousin and is banished from the town. Juliets family arrange for her to marry a man named paris, so the priest that married romeo and juliet comes up with a plan. He gives Juliet a posion that will make her fall asleep for a long time. To everyone else it would look like she was dead. Then he sendt a letter to romeo explaining everything. But the plan worked terrible wrong. Romeo never recived the letter, and thought his beloved juliet was dead. He killes himself, and when juliet wakes up she finds a dead romeo by her side. She didnt want to live without him so she killes herself too.

Both Across the barricades and romeo and juliet are stories about forbidden love. But while the Romeo and Juliet play is a tragedy, the novel across the barricades has a happy ending. These stories are very similar despite the big time difference. The conflicts between the two families are very similar. They balme their ploblems on each other. The priest in the romeo and juliet play, and mr. Blake in across the barricades are two very similar caracters. They both are almost the only person tat accept their relasionship, and tries to help them. The...
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