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I. Introduction
The human body contains various structures and organs that allow regulations and maintenance of homeostasis. Foundation is built through the framework of the skeletal system, motion is possible due to the muscular system humans have and other body systems that allow humans to perform daily actions. All of this anatomical structures are possible due to the two main controlling system found in the body; the nervous system and endocrine system. The nervous system can be considered as information processor of the human body, but for it to be more effective in transferring and processing information; it works in tandem with the endocrine system. The purpose of the endocrine system is to act in response to the information the nervous system has processed. The endocrine system is made up of glands that secrete hormones, chemicals that are secreted to the bloodstream to be spread in specific target organs in the body. Seven major glands are found in the body, in which each gland works to ensure that the body develops properly and be regulated to maintain homeostasis. However, certain conditions are inevitable in the human body and anything bad or harmful to the endocrine system can affect a human’s development and growth. II. Endocrine Disorder

The Disorder
Each person is unique and grows differently from each other. Various aspects can be considered when considering diversity. These aspects can be factors of the development of the human body itself. Some may be hereditary, inborn and some can be a result of exposure to unhealthy surrounding. A person grows, but there are cases where growing exceeds the normal rate and reaches to extreme compare to other people. This occurrence is called acromegaly, in which the secretion of growth hormone (GH) in the pituitary gland exceeds its normal production even after the growth plates in the body has closed already. Thus, making structures and bones that are still responsive to growth hormone particularly in the hands, feet and face to overgrow (Marieb, 2010).

Acquiring the Disorder
Acromegaly is a disorder of hyper secretion of growth hormone, in which the chances of getting it is very rare and can vary through the development of the human body. This condition is due to abnormal production of growth hormone that functions to determine body size, affecting tissues in the body. From muscle growth, short, facial bones to the long bones of the body, growth hormone acts as a metabolic hormone that affects human size and shape in an extensive period of time. It is very comparable to a person with gigantism disorder, only difference is that in acromegaly there is a continuous growth of different structures in the body even though the growth plates have closes. The chance of getting this disorder is low, estimated 40 to 60 out of a million people yet it is hard to identify early on (Abbassioun, 2006). One person can develop and acquire the disorder and not be able to notice it right away.

Gender and Age Preference of the Disorder
The fact that acromegaly is a disorder in the endocrine system, there is an equal chance of male and female acquiring it, unlike if it was a disorder in the reproductive system. Both sex has a percentage of 55 to 59 patients in a million on acquiring the disease (Parkinson, 2003). It seems very few but many of the people that have the disorder tend to disregard or notice it. There is a possibility that the disorder will take years before a patient will notice the major changes of appearance in the body. Even though some may notice it, there are high chances that the person that has it will not look for medical help for treating the disorder. In terms of age bracket, in children when there is an overgrowth it is often termed as gigantism. However, when it exceeds beyond the child age limit, on adults to be exact, it is highly considered as acromegaly.

Geographical Preference of the Disorder
Acromegaly is a rare disorder in...
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