Acre Woods Retirement Community

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Therapy Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Acre wood retirement community case study
Kimberly Woods

Axia College at the University of Phoenix

Acre wood retirement community case study
the resident physical therapist Sara Armstrong manages the retirement communities activity programs, recently a pool was added to its rehabilitation center by they were some original design requests that were not met it has been brought to Sarah’s attention that the safety tread marks on the stairs and the improved wheelchair access to the pool area which were allotted for in planning cost have not been added, when she immediately brings it to the director of the acre woods Mark Adams he basically dismisses it by stating that the residents should simply be happy to have the pool, as well as bringing it to her attention that she has been hired to provide physical therapy only and not to worry about the budget.

Question one: what are some of the potential legal and ethical issue’s present in this case study? Answer; Mark Adams should be held responsible for the negligence which has caused minor accidents to some of the residents he should also listen to and acknowledge the need to regulate the safety of equipment installed within acre woods, Sarah has a right to be concerned as part of her job is therapy for the patient’s physical well-being. The legal issues here could present multiple cases of unethical behavior by Mr. Adams part; the ethical issues would be his lack of concern of the well-being of the residents of acre woods which in turn could create multiple lawsuits. Question two: how would you characterize the director’s behavior? Answer to: by the way the paper reads Mark Adams attitude and behavior are unethical and uncalled for as he is the administrator for the facility he should maintain an attitude suitable to that station, his behavior is unjust and critical towards Ms. Armstrong and seemingly uncaring where the residents of the facility are concerned. Question three: Is the director...
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