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You work in a boutique which only sells organic denim products in the form of jackets and jeans. Your boss tells you that the current inventory is 40% jackets and 60% jeans. If you counted 24 pairs of jeans, how many jackets does your shop have? You sell tickets at a concert hall. The regular price of a Section A ticket is $19.50, and the regular price of a Section B ticket is $12.30. For today's performance, your employer distributed coupons offering $2.30 off of a Section A ticket. A customer with two coupons asks for two Section A tickets and one Section B ticket. How much should you charge this customer? A large, flat-screen television originally cost $1500. After a month, the price was marked down 15%. A month after that, the price was marked down an additional 20% from the original price. What is the price of the television now? 975 Hillary is baking cookies for her friends. She has 25 chocolate chip cookies and 31 sugar cookies. She wants to give a package of cookies, which contains 3 chocolate chip and 4 sugar cookies, to each friend. How many friends can she give packages to? 7 If 3x + 9 = 12x + 27, then what is the value of x? A. -2

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The figure shows the number of surfboards made last year in 4 shops. According to the figure, what fraction of all surfboards made were made by Aloha Surf? 1/3     [Popout Image]
Which of the following equations is represented by the graph above?y= -1/2x +3 What is the x-coordinate of the point in the standard coordinate plane at which the two lines y = 4x + 1 and y = 6x + 11 intersect? -5 If the ratio of men to women in a class is 3:5 and the class contains 24 people, how many additional men would have to enroll to make the ratio of men to women 1:1? 6 < Prev

What is the product of (ax + b)(½x + c)? ½ax2 + acx + ½bx + bc Find x for the point (x,9) on the line shown in the diagram. 2.5 The grocery store is 500 steps from Samantha's house. It takes her 10 minutes to walk there. Samantha walks halfway to the store and then realizes that she forgot her wallet. She walks back home. After she gets her wallet, she walks 7 minutes in the direction of the store. How many total steps has Samantha walked if she walked at the same pace and stride throughout? G. 850 What is the measure of angle z in terms of x and y? C. x + y Students at Lowell Academy are not required to take a foreign language. The table above gives the number of male and female students who have elected to take each language offered by Lowell Academy. According to the data, which language has the lowest ratio of male to female student K. Russian In the figure, line PQ is parallel to line RS, angle y = 60°, and angle z = 140°. How many degrees are there in angle x? C. 100° On the planet Coruscant, a rocket is launched upward from the ground. Its height after t seconds is given by h = -9t2 + 99t meters. During what interval of time will the rocket be higher than 270 m? F. 5 < t < 6

As a used car dealer, you recently purchased a car for $4,800. You want to sell the car at a price that is 24% more than what you paid for it. What should your selling price be?5952 < Prev
You are a dealer of magazine subscriptions. You purchased 45 subscriptions in one day, but at the end of the day 4 of those subscriptions remained unsold. You made a profit of $0.60 for each subscription sold, after you paid $4.12 per subscription. What profit did you make selling subscriptions that day?193.52 You are a deep-sea diver, and as part of a routine session you descend below the surface at the rate of 50 feet per minute. After descending at this rate for 10 minutes, what is your depth, in feet, below the surface of the water?500 On one particular day you intend to carry 3.512 tons of gravel in your truck. However, your business partner wants you to transport 3.835 tons of gravel on that day. You decide to compromise...
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