Acquiring Management Skills

Topics: Management, Leadership, Defence mechanism Pages: 4 (1027 words) Published: December 19, 2012
How are management skills acquired?

Management skills can be sub-divided into numerous skills, the combination of which would lead to efficient management of an organization and faithful development of true management and leadership skills. The chart below provides an overview of these various skills:

source: Developing Management Skills 8th ed. - D. Whetten, K. Cameron (pearson publications). A brief summary of these various skills are mentioned below:

“He that would govern others must first master himself”. Personal skills form one of the bases of great management skills. It can be subdivided into the following categories: A. Developing Self-awareness:

This lies at the heart of the ability to master oneself. Developing self-control and clarifying priorities and goals, help individuals create direction in their own lives. Self knowledge may inhibit personal improvement rather than facilitate it. The reason is that individuals frequently evade personal growth and new self-knowledge. They resist acquiring additional information in order to protect their self-esteem or self-respect. Abraham Maslow puts it this way, in his book “towards a psychology of being” ” We tend to be afraid of any knowledge that would cause us to despise ourselves or to make us feel inferior, weak, worthless, evil, shameful. We protect ourselves and our ideal image of ourselves by repression and similar defenses, which are essentially techniques by which we avoid becoming conscious of unpleasantness of dangerous truths.” This concept refers to the point at which individuals become defensive or protective when encountering information about themselves that is inconsistent with their self-concept. The best way to increase self awareness is disclosure, the willingness to open up and receive feedback. B. Managing Personal Stress:

When an individual goes through stress, he goes through three main stages * Alarm stage: in this stage, individual...
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