Acquired Level of Competency of Nurses Under a Preceptorship Program

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Title:Acquired level of competency of nurses under a
Preceptorship Program
Author:Karl Nelson S. Marquez, Agustine Miguel G.
Saavedra, Mary Danilyn S. Sandal School:Cebu Normal University
Degree:Master in Nursing; Master of Science in Nursing
Adviser:Jezyl T. Cempron
Year Completed:2012
______________________________________________________________________ Background: Known to be the most effective method to develop professional nurses is through a strong preceptorship program. This research study was aimed to determine the effectiveness of the Preceptorship Program being implemented by Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital. Method: Questionnaires measuring their competency comprising the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude were used to obtain responses from 67 nurse preceptees. The response rate of the survey was 167.5%. Findings and Conclusion: The Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital’s Preceptorship Program was effective since it significantly produced 46.27% or 31 out 67 respondents who turned out to be Competent nurses. Moreover, there were 28.36% or 19 out of 67 who were Advanced Beginners and 8.96 or 6 out of 67 who were Proficient Nurses. In general, 83.56% or 56 out of 67 Novice Nurses were able to increase their knowledge, skills and attitude at the end of the program. On the other hand, there was a significant correlation between the Nurse's Skill and Attitude (r= 0.476; p < 0.05). Nurses who are confident with themselves tend to be more proactive and eager to perform nursing procedures which is why they are always willing to do the tasks being delegated or assigned to them. Contrary to what has mentioned, there was no correlation between the preceptee’s Knowledge and Skill (r= - 0.604) and Knowledge and Attitude (r= -0.149).
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