Acqualisa Quartz

Topics: Marketing, Plumbing, Customer Pages: 4 (1183 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Acqualisa Quartz
1. What is the quartz value proposition to the plumbers? To consumers? The value propositions to the plumbers are

Due to Quartz easy installation plumber’s work is reduced to 25% of original time. •Plumbers find the installation is straightforward and hence they are ready to send their young apprentices •Plumbers said it’s just “Push-fit-connect’’ and it’s not in the wall and it’s very easy to use •On an average plumbers can do more jobs thereby increasing their profit

The Value propositions to the consumers are

One of the major issues for the customer is to get conistent water pressure which is solved in Quartz •Customers can have their required temperature by Thermostatic control rather than checking it for the required temperature •Before quartz the survey says that 44% of shower needs replacement. By using Quartz there is less chance of breakdown and hence maintenance is much easy for the customer •The product had aesthetic look and elegant design

It’s good for the home with the children
Suitable for all types of water systems
One touch control system and ability to control remotely

2.Why is the quartz not selling?

Even though Quartz is a breakthrough product the sales figures were low due to various reasons. Some of them are

Customers not aware of the full features & Flexibility of this product •The Advertisements were done only during the launch. After the initial buzz there is no more further advertisement or customer awareness program to promote quartz •Possibly the quartz is quoted at higher cost. The premium quartz is 1080 Euros and quartz standard cost is 850 euro. •since Quartz is positioned at Premium segment hence quartz has potential removed the other 2 segments of buyer due to its cost and positioning Even though Quartz features were liked by Value and standard customers •Quartz was sold in the showrooms mainly. There was a limited channels of distribution of the quartz •...
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