Acne Treatment

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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Acne Treatment
Acne is emerged from the Greek it actually means a tip ,circumference & in common language it is known as Zits or pimples It is common type of dermatitis which cause whiteheads, blackheads & inflated red skin on face chest neck & back in almost all males & females during youth. Sebum is substance which protect and lubricate the skin, Sebaceous gland get stimulated and increase the production of sebum at the time of increase in male/female hormones during the formative years, which is then liable for clogged follicles & swelling of skin in the form of acnes There is much reason behind development of acne commonly it happen due to hereditary, hormonal change during the adolescent & also due to blocked follicles due to dirt or debris in the air. The jam is called plugs. Surprisingly, adolescent top the list of infected community. Not having eight hours kip, enough intakes of water and nutritious meal are the other reason which not only affect the body but also encourage skin disease. Sometimes Stress may be cause of Acne. Acne treatment can be started with self care & basic like 1.minimize oil 2 opening of the pores 3.bacteria treatment., you may start with cleaning of the infected areas by superior soaps at least twice a day it will not only remove the dirt but also will help applying the bacteria killing creams on the right surface & infected part of the skin. However scrubbing & rubbing should be avoided
White top plugs are called whiteheads & black top plugs are called blackheads
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