Acme Wan Design Plan

Topics: Network switch, Wireless access point, Wi-Fi Protected Access Pages: 4 (1022 words) Published: October 12, 2010
ACME WAN Design Plan

Wayne Shelley

IT/ 242 Intro to WAN Technologies

Mark Kolesinsky

February 27, 2010

Acme manufacturing is a growing company, and believes the recent acquisition of another manufacturing plant in China, will help it continue to grow. Acme wants to be able to link all their operational facilities together by; designing a WAN network allowing them conduct daily business operations. This network must link together their headquarters and Engineering Dept. in Atlanta, Ga to their distribution offices in: New York, Phoenix and Chicago, as well as their new plant in China. The recommendations will include

• Type of telecommunications (PBX or VoIP).

• IP addresses including range, broadcast, and subnets.

• VLAN so that departments that are not grouped together are logically connected.

• Type of network equipment at each location.

• How to secure network.

The first thing that needs to be done is a conduct a site survey to determine how much bandwidth is going to be needed to implement this network plan. This will help to determine the exact type of equipment to help Acme reach their desired goals.

Acme will need to have three T1 lines running between the headquarters and the engineering department. One line will be for data out, voice, and data in; this will enable them to handle all the information flowing in and out of these two facilities. A Ethernet connection will provide the distribution offices in: New York, Phoenix, and Chicago a way to stay connected with the facilities in Atlanta and each other. The new plant in China will use a satellite link which will provide a way for Acme’s headquarters to stay constantly connected so should any problem arise it can be dealt with quickly.

Acme’s increasing telecommunication needs will be met with VoIP technology, providing them with a means to conduct weekly teleconferences. The addition of VoIP to the network gives them...
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