Acme Title Pawn

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  • Published : November 29, 2006
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1. What decisions need to be made when an individual discovers that he/she is working in a company and industry with many ethical issues?

Decisions need to be made when individual discovers that he/she is working in a company or industry with many ethical issues, depend on individual's values and beliefs. If person believes that his or her personal ethics conflicts with ethics of the organization or industry, individual only alternative is leaving the company. This is highly risky, because of the competitive employment market. Leaving a company because of ethical conflict requires lots of courage and ability to survive without a job. When making this decision whether leaving the Acme Title Pawn or continue working with Acme, he needs consider the well-being of his family. His wife is satisfied with her job and the community which they are living, also his kids are very active in the school's activities, and they have many friends.

2. If the organizational culture at Acme Title Pawn cannot be changed, can Joe continue to work there and avoid involvement in activities that are ethically questionable or possibly illegal? Acme title pawn is in the title loan business. Title loans are also small consumer loans that leverage the equity value of a car as collateral. The car title must be owned free and clear by the loan applicant; any existing liens on the car cancel the application. Loan terms are often for 30 days, and failure to repay the loan or make interest payments to extend the loan allows the lender to take possession of the car. (1) Avoid involvement to ethically questionable and illegal activities of Acme Title Pawn will be hard for Joe. Because of high turnover in his department he has been asked for higher responsibilities and if he stays with the Acme, he will be promoted to higher position. Joe will have more responsibility in the company and he will not be successful, unless he involves with the companies activities. It will be really hard...
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