Acme Mexico City Project Scope

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Proper scoping of the Acme Mexico Project is paramount to our success in this venture. The goal of the project is to diversify that Acme portfolio in an effort to increase profits and counterbalance future declines in the U.S. home improvement market by opening a store in Mexico City. This expansion in Mexico City will serve as an example for expanding in similar markets in the future. The scope as define will include everything that needs to be included to meet our objectives in this project. The project will include all pre-planning and building of the grounds. Our architects and engineers will work together and provide the layout, details, and drawings needed to carry out a successful construction period. Our control process will include system for changes to the scope. Changes will be have to be in approved by the project engineer and project manager before being added into the scope of work for the project. Any changes that affect the budget by over five thousand dollars and/or will increase the time needed in the schedule will have to be discussed and approved by our sponsor and CEO as well. We will use our scope change control mechanism in order to prevent scope creep in project (Khan, 2006). The system of documentation will be uniform throughout the project and tracked for the duration. The project team will also select all the contractors for project. We will be selecting contractors through an interview and bidding process that places an emphasis on performance, quality, costs, and safety. Because our use of contractors creates a “legal relationship” between us and the contractor, the interaction will be closely monitored and documented as part of our scope control (Fleming, 1996). Our scope will be well defined for any subcontracts we should deem necessary to improve performance. Regulatory compliance standards regarding construction, safety, policy, and the environment will be followed diligently. All contractors and staff will be...
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