Acme Manufacturing Wan Design

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Acme Manufacturing WAN Design
Acme Manufacturing is a growing company that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently the company has acquired a manufacturing plant in China and multiple offices in the United States. Acme is now in need of a WAN solution to connect their many offices. All new equipment will be used to build the LANs at the offices. Then the LANs will be connected to the WAN to allow for easier communication and data transfer between the offices. The headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia will be home to corporate operations, marketing department, administrative staff, and the accounting department. This branch of the company needs a strong network since it is the center of the company. A fiber optic line will be used as the backbone of the LAN at the Headquarters. Ethernet cables will connect the client computers to the switches that are wired to the backbone. This is the most cost effective solution since the backbone of the network will carry the heaviest load (Regan, 2004). The engineering building is located across the street from the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. A sales department will also be located at this site. A point-to-point wireless connection will be the best way to connect this office with the headquarters. The proximity of the two building and direct line of sight makes a point-to-point wireless connection perfect to connect these two buildings. The backbone of the engineering network will be Ethernet as will the client computer connections (Regan, 2004). There will be three distribution centers that also house administrative staff and a sales department. One location is in Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; and New York City, New York. All three distribution centers will use Ethernet cables for the backbone and client connections. These locations will connect to the headquarters through a VPN (Regan, 2004). The manufacturing plant is located in China. The LAN in the China plant will consist of an Ethernet backbone and...
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