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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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ACL Tear
The ACL also known as the anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four major ligaments in the knee that allows stability ( ACL tears are most common in athletes and especially in female athletes. There are many ways to tear your ACL, whether it is with contact or no contact. There are also minimal symptoms for an ACL tear but they are very important to look for when an athlete is complaining about knee pain. The treatments for this injury also depend on the severity of the tear. The severity could determine if surgery is needed. These are all important things to know when you are in a situation with a person that has torn their ACL. Tearing your ACL can come at the snap of a finger, and that is what makes it scary for many athletes.

According to CNN girls are eight times more likely to tear their anterior cruciate ligament then boys. This is due to the anatomy and the differences in muscle movement. Because of the way the woman is built to give child birth our hips are wider than our legs. This causes our legs to go downward in a v shape and put added pressure on our knees. On the other hand, with men their hips go straight down to their knees. There are many ways that an athlete can tear their ACL. They can injure themselves by quick stop and go movements; any aggressive knee twisting, and also having sudden changes in direction can also cause a tear. With personal experience in tearing both my left and right ACL’s I had a sudden change in direction. When an athlete goes down they may complain about having a considerable amount of pain in their injured leg.

When an athlete goes down with a knee injury the first thing that they are going to notice is if it popped at the time they went down or not. After they are taken to a better place for a professional to exam them whether it be an athletic trainer or your personal physician you may notice considerable swelling and inflammation. Their knee may also give out on them when they try to...
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