Acknowledgement: Positive Psychology and Chateau Santa Isabel

Topics: Positive psychology, Gratitude, Education Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: March 3, 2013
These several individuals truly deserve some acknowledgement from me. They were the ones who contributed and extended pure assistance and guidance just for me to be able to finally finish studying. Being able to graduate college is surely one of the most special gifts I can give to them. I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to…

…My parents, Mrs. ________ and Mr. ________ for helping and supporting me throughout my student life. Without them, I would not be what I am today. …My brother and sister, and all of my relatives, for all of the help, guidance and support that they’ve given to me. …My school, ________________, for the acceptance this past 4 years. …My teachers, who helped in building me to be professional on all aspects of my course. …The administrators, ____________ (Dean), Dr. ____________ (Vice Dean) and Mrs. __________ (_______Program Chair Person), for helping us every single day in our four years of college life, for supporting us in all the things that can benefit us, and for advising us to what to do for us to be better and professional Vincentian students of Universidad de Sta. Isabel. …And I would like also to convey my thankfulness and gratitude to you ________ and to your staffs for helping and educating us as an OJT which I have undergone in your progressive Hotel. The acquaintance, skills and craftsmanship which I have educated throughout my practical training will be a big help in my future practice as a Food Service and institutional management student. Similarly, the 600 hours OJT which I have completed meets the requirement as an applicant for graduation.

…Ma’am ____, Sir _____ and the entire Housekeeping and Kitchen Staff (MG’s), for their generosity, support, coaching and companionship during my OJT. I would also like to thank my fellow trainees at the Chateau Santa Isabel. Again, I would like to thank the all of the persons behind all of this. As I continue my journey in life, I promise that I will not...
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