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With the name of Allah the most gracious and the most graceful, Alhamdulillah, all praise and thanks to almighty Allah S.W.T. for His kindness and blessing to give us strength to accomplish this task on time. The notable whom we wish to acknowledge is my lecturer of IMD 206, Mr. Ahmad Sufi Alawi Bin Idris for the guidance, knowledge, and great encouragement. We have deeply indebted his in accomplishing this assignment. Our special appreciation are dedicated to all lectures and beloved families especially our parents for believing us. Their understanding, encouragement and continuous support throughout the duration of article review are most appreciated. Lastly, thanks to all our friends for their support and helping me directly or indirectly to complete this assignment. We have obtained many definition about this terms and keywords and hopefully, I can fully understand all this definition of this words. Alhamdulillah.


Background of the project
We have decided to choose the topic “Benefit of Candy” to be our main title for this assignment. We choose this topic because it simple and easy to understand. Moreover, this topic is very popular no matter in which level they are. Furthermore, this project will inform the people about candy that could benefit all the people who are eating it. In addition, this topic is very interesting in the discussing with people. We want to inform that there are so many benefits we gather from eating candy.

Target audience
For our project, our target audience is public but we focus on people between 6 years old until 18 years old because on that level of ages, they are kind of trying new things in their life. The exposure of candy goodness to them easy in order to influence them consumes a candy and they also might be consuming lots and lots of candy daily. We have carried out a survey at several kindergartens and have been proven when the majority of children there love candy. Children mostly like chocolate candy and it is because of its taste and texture. As well it has a lot of benefit for them like improve their health.

So candy is the most appropriate food that have to be consume by children in addition of the good effect that important for children to prevent injuries, increase the stamina and performance and also prevent them from depression. Furthermore, candy is one of the most popular foods of the world, so this will attract the attention of the youths on how the candy was made first, and then changes from years to years. The way of candy making is very interesting and it is easy to attract the attention of youth towards candy because teens are easy attracting to something unique and interesting.

Our general goals on this learning process is to create the awareness to the audiences about the candy and it benefits. From our methods it will attract audiences and get knowledge about our candy.

The objective that want to be achieve in this instructional media is :

* To inform people on how the first candy was made.

* To change the people’s negative assumption about candy.

* To describe the unique taste of candy to people.

* To explain what is the benefit they can get when eating candy.

* To highlight that the making of candy also have been through the development process.


We have chosen the topic “Benefit of Candy”. In this topic, we included the information about the person who introduce candy, the history of the candy, the process of making a candy, and the advantages or benefits they could get if they eat candy. Meanwhile in our presentation, besides showing all of the content above, we also included why is candy so popular among the kids and youth today and in this era.

History of the candy
Before sugar was readily available, candy was made from honey. Honey was used in Ancient China, Middle East, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire to coat fruits and flowers to...
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