Acknowledgement 4

Topics: Bless you, Facebook, Grade Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 16, 2011
This study is set to determine whether facebook can negatively affect students’ academic performance. A total of 50 men and female between ages of 17 to 28 years old were randomly selected to be the respondents of the study. A set of questionnaire were designed to gain primary data from the respondents about the causes of using facebook and respondent’s attitudes. The overall findings of the study shown that facebook does not have significant impact on CGPA because most of the respondents get CGPA above 3.00 and facebook does not affect their exam grades. In conclusions, some suggestions have been made to advise the respondents who addict to facebook, and to reduce the time of spending on their Facebook account. Besides that, the recommendations for future research have also been included in the final part of the report.

First, we would like to thank GOD because of giving us this opportunity to do our research on “Facebook affects UiTM students’ academic performace” (BEL422, Report Writing) at UiTM campus Samarahan and blessing all that we done during our research. Praise is to GOD. We also express our deepest appreciation to our lecturer Madam Syarifah Zakiah, and our respondents, which is UiTM students who has been a source of encouragement and inspiration, giving us with their good respond and advice towards completion of this research. To our parents for their encouragement to pursue this research and their financial support, thank you. Not forgetting our fellow classmate. Thank you very much and may GOD bless you all.

4.1.0Demographic Information
Figure 4.1.1: Gender11
Figure 4.1.2: Age11
Figure 4.1.3: Race11
Figure 4.1.4: Marital Status11
Figure 4.1.5: Educational Qualification11
Figure 4.1.6: Cumulative Grade Point Average11

4.2.0User’s Experience
Figure 4.2.1: How long have you been a facebook user?12 Figure 4.2.2: How did you...
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