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Unit 10 Marketing
10.1 Ways of promoting your product Vocabulary
There are many ways of attracting customers to your product and keeping your brand name in the public eye. Fill the gaps with suitable words from the list below.

1. Brochures, leaflets and catalogues can describe your product in more detail and give more information than an advertisement. Potential customers can be sent direct mail. Sales literature
2. Displays in retail outlets (supermarkets, chain stores, etc.) can attract the attention of potential customers. ____________ 3. Labels and presentation increase the impact of your product. ____________ 4. You can contribute to the cost of a sporting or artistic event, where your brand name or logo is displayed prominently. ____________ 5. Potential customers can come to your premises and see a display or a demonstration of your products and get hands-on experience. ____________ 6. Your company takes a stand or mounts an exhibit to enable customers to see your products and talk to your representatives. ____________ 7. The public are informed of a new development through newspaper articles. You can inform the press by issuing press releases. ____________ 8. PR can ensure that your firm keeps a high profile, and that people are aware of your good reputation and image. ____________ 9. Existing customers tell their friends or colleagues about your product and hopefully recommend it to them. ____________ 10. Your staff can call customers, or customers can call a toll-free number to request sales literature or ask for information. ____________ 11. Your rep can visit customers: this is the most effective method of promotion, but also the most expensive. ____________

10.2 The story of the swatch Listening
Listen to the broadcast about the success of the Swatch. Decide whether these statements are true or false. 1. Swiss luxury watch manufacturers were doing badly in the 1980s. __________ 2. Electronic digital watches were invented in Switzerland. __________ 3. The first digital watches were manufactured in the Far East. __________ 4. According to market research consumers preferred analogue watches. __________ 5. ETA developed the technology to make quartz analogue watches. __________ 6. ETA’s new product would be easy to repair. __________ 7. Swatches would be fashion items, not timepieces. __________ 8. In 1985 ETA spent $30 million on advertising in the USA. __________ 9. ETA promoted Swatches by sponsoring sports. __________

10. There were many kinds of Swatches: some even tasted of strawberries. __________ 11. It wasn’t possible for customers to buy a Swatch at a discount. __________ 12. ETA didn’t produce as many Swatches as customers wanted. __________

10.3 Brand names Reading
Read this article and then fill each gap below with one word. Are brand names being pushed off the shelf?
According to the Wall Street Journal: “ More and more shoppers are bypassing household names for the cheaper, no-name products one shelf over. This shows that even the biggest and strongest brands in the world are vulnerable.”

It has been clear for some time – principally since recession began to be felt in the major economies of the world – that the strength of brands has been under fire. During the second half of the eighties, the Japanese, for example, showed themselves willing to pay a huge premium to but goods with a smart label and image to match: they were fashion victims par excellence, be it in choosing their luggage (Louis Vuitton was much favored) or in buying their booze, where a 20-year-old version of a good malt whisky could fetch the equivalent of $60 or more. Over the past year or two, that enthusiasm to spend big money on a classy label has waned markedly.

But we may be witnessing the death of the brand.

First, every story that now appears about the troubles being experienced by makers of...
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