Acid Rain Essay 16

Topics: Water, Acid, Rain Pages: 3 (525 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Formal Lab Report
Background Information
Acid Rain is a measurement of its pH level.
Acid Rain contains sulfuric acid from the reaction of smoke released from smoke stacks with rain water. It can flow over and through the ground affecting an area in its entirety. Most Americans get their water from large scale municipal water systems that rely on surface water sources such as rivers lakes reservoirs which can all be affected my acid rain. About half of the atmosphere’s acidity falls back down to Earth in a dry or rain form causing corrosion. Problem

How the amount of industrial plants around a city affect the acidity of rain. Hypothesis
If a city has a greater amount of industrial plants within a 25 mile radius then it will have a greater and more acid rain. Procedure
Rain water collection tool such as a bowl
Internet access (to find the amount of industrial plants)
Jars to keep each sample of rain water and date them

Chlorine/ pH Test Kit
Chose which cities or areas that you will be testing
Research and find out how many industrial plants each city or area has within its 25 mile radius. Place a rain catcher in each area.
Date each sample and teat its pH level
Record and graph your results
Data Collected
4.4 4.35
Harlingen, TX (3)Austin, TX (46) Houston, TX (375) Cities/Areas Tested
( # in parenthesis is # of industrial plants within a 25 mile radius) Data Tables
Harlingen, TX
Sample #pH Level# of Industrial Plants
1 5.1 3
2 4.8 3
3 4.7 3
4 4.8 3
AVG 4.85 3

Austin, TX
Sample #pH Level# of Industrial Plants
1 4.7 46
2 4.5 46
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