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Advanced Chemical Industries Limited


Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited is one of the leading and largest local conglomerates in Bangladesh. ACI consists of different business groups namely: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer brands, Agri-Business. ACI is the first company in Bangladesh to earn both the ISO9001 certification of Quality Management System in 1995 and the ISO14001 Certification for Environment Management System in 2000. ACI is a public limited company listed in DSE and CSE. Beside this, the company has a large list of international associates and partners with trade and business agreement. Today ACI is one of the fastest growing companies in Bangladesh. ACI follows International Standards on Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. ACI also meets all national regulatory requirements relating to its current businesses and ensures that current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as recommended by World Health Organization is followed properly. ACI has been accepted as a Founding Member of the Community of Global Growth Companies by the World Economic Forum which is the most prestigious business networking organization. 2.2 HISTORY

ACI was so named in 1992. But the history of ACI dates back to 1926, when Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was incorporated in the United Kingdom as four companies namely Novel Industries Limited, British Dyestarts Corporation, Brunner Mond and Company Limited and United Alkali Company merged. Since then ICI plc has been operating world wide as a multinational company. In the year of formation ICI started operation in the Indian subcontinent in the name of ICI (India) limited. After separation of the India and Pakistan in 1947, the Karachi office of ICI (India) Limited renamed to be ICI (Pakistan) Limited. After the independence of Bangladesh, the ICI Pakistan Limited was renamed as ICI Bangladesh Limited in 1973 and its manufacturer unit changed to ICI Bangladesh Manufacturing Limited. The national Drug Policy of 1982 created a strong barrier in the way of operations of multinational companies in Bangladesh. Among the multinationals ICI was badly affected, it had to stop producing some of its brand, which was the market leader. That is why ICI decided to terminate its operation from Bangladesh. As the part of termination process, on 5 May, 1992, ICI plc divested 70% of its shareholding to local management. Subsequently the company was registered in the name of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited. ACI is a public limited company since 1992 when ACI was diversified. The results of this diversification have been positive. ACI pharmaceutical is the first company to win ISO 9001 certificate for Quality Management System & EMS 14001 for Environment Management System. Listing of ACI with Chittagong Stock Exchange was made on 22 October 1995. 2. 3 MISSION

ACI’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skills and technology. ACI is committed to the pursuit of excellence through world-class products, innovative processes and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers. 2.4 VISION

To realize the mission ACI will:
✓ Endeavor to attain a position of leadership in each category of its businesses. ✓ Attain a high level of productivity in all its operations through effective and efficient use of resources, adoption of appropriate technology and alignment with core competencies. ✓ Develop its employees by encouraging empowerment and rewarding innovation. ✓ Promote an environment for learning and personal growth of its employees. ✓ Provide products and services of high and consistent quality, ensuring value for money to its customers. ✓ Encourage and assist in the qualitative improvement of the services of its suppliers and...
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