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Achilles' Rejection of Agamemnon's Offer

I believe that Achilles was right to refuse Agamemnon’s offer of reconciliation and continue to stay out of the battle. Before Odysseus, Ajax, and Phoenix came to Achilles with Agamemnon’s great gifts and promises to give back an untouched Briseis, I could understand Achilles anger. Agamemnon had clearly wronged him by harming his pride but he even admitted that he was wrong on line 138-139. But it is understandable that Achilles does have some reason to completely turn down the offer because even though Agamemnon admits to being “blinded, lost in [his] own inhuman rage” (book 9, lines 143) he never actually says sorry. But then again I do not think that Achilles is even looking for an apology that he just wants to re-establish the honor and glory that he work so hard to achieve that Agamemnon took by taking Briseis away. Even though Agamemnon brought all these gifts and prizes to Achilles, he still wants Achilles to take a lower status then him, he even said, “Let him bow down to me! I am the greater king” (book 9, lines 192) showing that Agamemnon and Achilles are equally self-centered and prideful. Achilles reasons to turn down this offer are completely selfish and all he wants to see is the destruction and humiliation of Agamemnon and his army by the Trojans, he even threaten to go home the next morning. Achilles should not have taken these gifts anyway, because if he went back and Agamemnon was able to take away Briseis that first time, what is stopping Agamemnon from taking another war prize again when they have another argument.
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