Achieving Project Goals Simulation Paper 2

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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Achieving Project Goals Simulation Paper

Week 2

University of Phoenix – MGT/437
Project Management
Facilitator – Robert Lee
July 22, 2008

Title: Achieving project goals simulation.
Subject: The effects on how different decisions can affect the outcome of a project and the need to do research that way the decisions make can be good for the project. Executive Summary: The project goals simulation was very interesting. The simulation showed that if the manager was not well educated in animal care could easily make the wrong decisions. The manager also needed to make sure not to offend any of the counties that they traveled through. This would have caused many problems and may have caused the project to fail. Management needed to be able to make decisions at a moments notice when problem would arise. Below are some questions that will be answered about the achieving project goals simulation. 1. How did completing this simulation change your perspective of project management? Provide examples in your response. After completing the simulation I see project management as a very difficult job. This manager had many different problems that he or she had to overcome. I made wrong decisions many times and replayed the simulation so I could learn from my mistakes. I found that in order to make good decisions a manager should listen to members of their team. One example in the simulation was there was a storm and the manager needed to make a decision to tranquillize the elephants; land at different airports; or refuel in mid air. Another example is the project manager needed to make a decision on how to deal with a sick elephant. A good project manager needs to basic his decisions on research and experts in these fields. 2. What advantages and limitations of project management were identified in the simulation? The advantages of the project management were that the individuals on the team where able to help come up with good solutions to problems...
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