Achieving Millennium Development Goals through Social Business

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  • Topic: Millennium Development Goals, Poverty reduction, Sanitation
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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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ACHIEVING MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS THROUGH SOCIAL BUSINESS The idea of achieving our MDGs through social business is an ingenious idea and a pioneering step towards realizing them. The MDGs are a benchmark that help us grow a vision of where we want to see ourselves after 5,10 or 15 years. It also outlines the pressing issues that demand our immediate concern and need to be addressed. These MDGs are crucial for our development and their fulfillment is mandatory if we hope to see Bangladesh as an economically and socially developed nation. By accomplishing these MDGs we grow not just as individuals, or a group or a class or a sector or a portion of the society but as a nation. It is an evidence of our duty towards our nation, an illustration of our national unity and integrity. Our forefathers fought together handed us this nation, now it's our responsibility to transform and evolve it into the SHONAR BANGLA that they dreamt of. Hence the MDGs have shown us a path or rather the steps to achieving our goals as a nation. The MDGs mainly concentrate on developing the nation in all spheres. It tries to address the poverty issues, health and hygiene issues, environmental as well as economic issues. MDG1: Poverty MDG2: Health and Hygiene MDG3: Education MDG4: Sanitation MDG5:Population Planning MDG6: Nutrition MDG7: Water MDG8: ICT Thus the MDGs focus on overall development of our nation. Social Business is a relatively new concept. A social is benefits both the owner of the business through profits as well as it addresses a problem within our society by improving the standard of living of the backward classes. In order to be able to address the MDG issues with the help of social business, we need to first identify why these issues exist in our country. Once we have identified the reason, then we can come to a common point of agreement that both improves the situation while ensuring profit to the business owner. For instance, the first MDG addresses the problem poverty, It...
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