Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Paper

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Paper

Where does a person develop the lesson of personal growth and learning? I believe it is through the values and ethics they will carry through life. Most lessons are learned from the family who one is raised in, while others may be learned from peers or society in general. My own values are a mixture of all those along with the experiences I have had throughout my lifetime. Having overcome many obstacles in my own life, helping others find ways to overcome their own obstacles has long been a goal of mine.

My objective in getting my degree in Human Services is to help the most vulnerable of society, children. As a child, I often wished I had somebody who would understand and make life better. As an adult, I adore my own child and have a need to help other people’s children. My life story begins with my parents. My parents were married when my mother was only 17, and my father was 25. This age difference caused many a rift between the two and they eventually divorced when I was seven-years-old, and my older sister was eight. This short family experience gave me a foundation that maintained some structure in my young life, having been achieved in my most formative years. After the divorce, our father rarely saw us and often did not show up for appointed visits. My mother would bad-mouth him to us, which only brought more pain. When I was nine, my mother remarried and her and my stepdad took up the bottle. They did not provide a stable environment for us children and were often out drinking while we girls stayed at home.

Throughout my elementary school years, my family moved often, causing me to attend approximately six different schools by the age of 12. This instability taught me to be strong as I was always the outsider at school and was constantly having to try to find ways of fitting in. Because I was the chunky kid [sic] at school, I was often the brunt of cruel jokes and teasing from the...
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