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Learning Team Assignment: CareSafe Assignment
Team D
May 14, 2012
University of Phoenix
Instructor Learning Team Assignment: CareSafe Assignment

When planning a budget for a company it is essential is outline the future surpluses, and review potential contribution gain to develop financial stability. In the CareSafe Foster Systems Budget the management team has to review the importance of a workable budget to make changes for financial gain. In order to increase the size of the CareSafe’s surplus is provide four methods and reviewing the pros, and cons of each discussed method. When planning a budget listing future and existing problems in the program will outline the future development of the financial proposed budget structure. When reviewing the background an education on how to maintain and the future success within the company can help expand stability and growth.

What would you say to Dr. Drexel to help her understand the importance of a workable budget?

The importance of a workable budget in any organization is the success for profit or non profit. Profits provide growth and expansion for the organization. Strategic planning presents choices and objectives in accounting practices. The importance of budgeting includes all elements averaging the amount of expenses and allocating the amount monthly; running budget comparison reports determining the expenses incurred. Incorporating technology creates a more efficient organization accounting errors are less prevalent. Dr. Drexel understanding of budgets processes will enable her to adjust the budget as needed. Dr Drexel should provide the internal management with the ability to assist in the budget process encourages good communication and multiple views during budgeting modifications. Strategic planning will enable Care Safe’s assists in the successful growth of the organization; this includes a well organized budgeting plan, with a clear definition of the threats, and weakness within the organization, to modify existing budgets as needed. Unrealistic budget can lead to serious cash flow errors; realistic goals are determines the success and longevity of the organization.

What may be done to increase the size of CareSafes’s surplus?

One way that CareSafe can increase their surplus by using the administration department. The assistants who help the administration and work along side with the social workers to complete certain tasks could be trained in a particular field. By doing this the assistant will be able to work faster and will be more knowledgeable in the field he or she has been trained in. An example of this is to have one assistant who has been trained to assist the social workers that handle individuals. Another would to have certain assistants assist the social workers who handle the clients and workers in that particular therapy field. Doing this would lower the minutes that the assistants have to spend working on multiple task or therapy sectors. However, if an assistant were not available the other assistants would not be able to step in to help since he or she would not know that particular field. Supplies can become expensive for an organization that depends on them. CareSafe does spend a decent amount of the organization’s funds on supplies that are being provided to the social workers and other employees. By having the organization buy its supplies in bulk this can cut down the amount of funds that is being spent on materials. This will result in less money being spent on supplies and possessing a large stock of resources at hand. The down side to this would be that some supplies couldn’t be bought in bulk. An example of this would be buying calendars, certain forms, and guideline paperwork that can be changed, these would hurt the company by causing a loss of money and materials. An...
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