Achievement Essay

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When I saw the indifference, despondence and even fear in my little cousin's eyes, I clearly heard the voice from my heart that I should be his company to boost his self-esteem and bring the wonderful life that he deserved to have back for him.

Suffered from a period of infantile autism, Dun seemed to be self-abased, bigoted and sometimes had emotional disturbance. At the end of school term in 2007, aunt told me that he did not do very well in Math so I started to help him with his homework. We spent that summer doing extra math work, and I tried to spark his interest in math by explaining things to him using examples from his favorite activity: Basketball. Once he understood that math had practical value for things in his own life, he was able to catch up to other students. In the fall term, Dun improved his grade from a C to a B. Hearing this news was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Later in the 2008, however, Dun experienced behavioral problems emanated from his inability to control his negative emotions at school, and the school authorities required him to suspend class and even suggested his parents to moved him to a special school. However, Dun told me he wanted to stay and was willing to do anything for a chance to go back. He also admitted that he knew he might get his chance if he could control his anger.

Seeing that Dun needed somebody to help him control his emotions, I aspired that I should give him a sense of security and urged him to reason out the implications of the actions his anger or despair drove him to. I also encouraged him to keep a dog as his pet to develop a sense of responsibility. He listened to and practiced my advice, and by the end of summer the authorities allowed him to return to his old school.

My family love with Dun over the past twelve years is one of my proudest achievements because I have seen the tangible effect my help is having on his confidence and his life. The feeling that I can improve someone...
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