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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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A quality prefect shows a very good manner to other student. It is not easy to be a quality prefect. There are rules to follow, a good mentality to face problem and a very high confidence level to proof that they can manage time in academic and curriculum. There a few rules to keep and maintain a very good prefect. Be a prefect, we must maintain discipline. Prefects have advantages over teachers in that the younger children look up to them, and so keeping the rules is a much easier job for Prefects than it is for teachers. Other than that, we also need to help staff. Prefect is one of the top roles a student can have at a school. You are now working with the teachers to create a better place to learn, and a mature, helpful prefect is sure to be trusted. It might help to support younger pupils. The knowledge that there are Prefects willing to help will be very reassuring to newer pupils, and they will count on you to live up to their expectations as someone that can help them. Also, be approachable. The kind and friendly prefect will gain the most respect. Offering help to those that might need it is better than waiting to be asked, and more often than not your offers will be taken up appreciatively. To make it more attractive, be involved. Prefects are given a lot of responsibility in the form of organizing and running events for parents and pupils of the school. It raises your prefect profile and impresses teaching staff, and also puts you in good stead for the future. Colleges and employers are keen to see examples of people that have been involved in voluntary school activities. Finally, practice good communication skills. The key is to be approachable, whether it is to students, parents, or visitors. The steps above require communication to be clear and confident. A confident prefect sometimes needs to be something you learn how to become. Meeting with fellow prefects, teachers, visitors and parents can help build up your confidence within school. Observe how...
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