Acetylation of Native Starch for Production of Biodegradable Plastics

Topics: Starch, Polymer, Biodegradation Pages: 13 (3804 words) Published: November 16, 2010
中国组织工程研究与临床康复 第 12 卷 第 19 期 2008–05–06 出版 Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research May 6, 2008 Vol.12, No.19


Application and research progress of starch in polymer materials★ Wang Zhi-fen, Fang Lin, Zhang Ke-xi, Fu Xin
Abstract: Starch a natural polymer that is characterized by cheap, regenerative, and good biodegradation is generally mixed with low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystryrene to prepare degradable materials. In order to relieve "white pollution" due to undegradability of plastic materials, starch is mixed with polyvinyl alcohol, polylactic acid, poly-hydroxybutyric acid, polycaprolactone, chitosan, derivatives, and other degradable polymers to prepare fully degradable biomaterials. With gradual exhaustion of petroleum and progressive depravation of environmental quality, starch that is regarded as a reinforcing agent is widely used in rubber industry. Starch is characterized by hydrophilicity, difficulty in processing, and poor compatibility to plastic materials, rubber, and other polymers, so starch is firstly modified and then mixed with polymers to make starch. This study was designed to summarize the application of starch in plastic materials, rubber, and other polymer blends and to investigate the latest research progresses of starch in polymer materials. Material and College, Hainan University, Danzhou 571737, Hainan Province, China Wang Zhi-fen ★ , Master, Experimentalist, Material and Chemical College, Hainan University, Danzhou 571737, Hainan Province, China Wangzhifen2005@ Correspondence to: Fu Xin, Professor, Doctor's tutor, Material and Engineering College, Hainan University, Danzhou 571737, Hainan Province, China Received: 2008-02-22 Accepted: 2008-03-15 (54200802220001/W L) Wang ZF, Fang L, Zhang KX, Fu X.Application and research progress of starch in polymer materials.Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu yu Linchuang Kangfu 2008;12(19): 3789-3792(China) [ ckf/ejournal/upfiles/ 12-19/19k-3789 (ps).pdf]

Starch that is a natural polysaccharide polymeric material widely exists in fruit, root, pedicle, and leaf of plants. The production of starch reaches several hundred millions all over the world yearly. Regarding as a regenerative natural resource, starch that is characterized by stable supply and low price is an important material in foods, paper manufacture, medicine, petroleum and well boring, plastics, fine chemicals, packing materials, and other manufacture industries. Furthermore, starch is generally used in polymeric materials due to good biodegradation to make environmental-friend materials and products.

applications and researches of starch in rubber, plastic materials, and other polymers. Exclusion criteria: Duplicated articles. Literature classification and data analysis: 126 articles were collected including 125 from internet and 1 from manual search. There were 90 Chinese articles, and 35 English. After the first trial on the titles and abstracts, 60 with unrelated study object, 34 repetitive studies, and 50 Meta analysis were eliminated. Finally, 32 Chinese and English articles were included for further search of full-texts.

Application of starch in plastic materials Starch-filled plastic materials In order to improve degradability of synthetic polymer and reduce the cost, starch is scattered in matrix of synthetic polymer to obtain starch-filled biodegradable plastics that is also named as destructive or destructible plastics. This plastics that is discovered by L. Griffin in 1970s is the only sufficiently researched biodegradable plastics up to now, in particular, it has been paid more attention in China. As a loading agent, starch is classified into raw starch, physical-modified starch or chemical-modified starch. Starch is polyhydroxy-amphiphilic polymer which is significantly different from plastics a hydrophobicity polymer mixed with...
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