Acer Inc.: Founde in 1976 in Taiwan

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Acer Inc.
Acer Inc. is known as a company that creates electronic devices for consumers. They make products such as, laptops, smartphones, storage devices, and servers. They were founded in 1976 in Taiwan, and their main headquarters remain there. Acer currently employees over 7,700 people worldwide and have major operations in China, U.S., Australia, and India.

The company has made some key acquisitions over the years including; Gateway, Packard Bell, and Texas Instrument. The biggest acquisition to the company was Gateway, which cost $710 million and made Acer one of the biggest North American competitors in the electronics market. In 2009 they passed Dell has the world’s second largest PC makers.

The estimated revenue of Acer in 2010 was about $19.9 billion dollars. A new goal for the company is to try and branch out to the Chinese market in order to become more competitive worldwide. Acer recently ranked 12th out of 18 leading electronic manufacturers in terms of their economic impact. However they have made significant strides in this field, and continue to try and get all toxic elements that could harm the environment out of their products.

Overall, Acer Inc. has changed drastically over the years. What once started as an 11 person company with $25,000 has grown to a multi-billion dollar corporation with thousands of employees. They continue to be innovative in the electronic field, but they have changed a few things around. One main thing is that they are trying to adopt the image of companies like Microsoft and Apple who are great marketers and distributors. In the past, Acer has been seen as having more quantity produced rather than quality. They are trying to change that, and have done a great job since they are now number two in the world in terms of pc selling.
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