Ace My Grade!

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  • Published : November 13, 2011
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Ace My Grade!
The beginning of a term, a unaware student eventually succumbed to drastic and desperate means to earn an A, the legal way ( of course). Or, realistically, in the end, begged for a alternative way to earn an ‘A’ when her chance of getting it was just, ‘out of reach’, but close enough to wish for. This essay is a about Nida Khan, a second year college student, retaking Chemistry 1 after seven years—this is why I need an A, want an A, why I deserve an A. I would like to begin with why I would want an A. Well, who wouldn’t? But, why do ‘I ‘want it? The desire for ‘A’ is like a drug; it is a high that makes my heart sing and makes me hopeful and ready to take on the challenge to reach that peak again and again. It helps in overcoming the fear of taking another exam because it has boosted my confidence with earning the A on an exam, quiz, paper—mostly an Exam. I want it to turn my frown upside down. An ‘A” for me is like an electronic gadget to the next student; I would pass up an IPhone for an A. My want for good grades exceeds materialistic things. Why do I NEED an A? I mentioned previously, that I was retaking Chemistry. The first time around shattered my dreams of becoming a physician when I could not perform well in class. There had been outside factors effecting my situation in class. However, I lost confidence in my whole dream for my future that I had developed when I was merely in fourth grade. I wished to become a physician due to the death of my sister. I had decided I needed to understand what was going on with my loved ones health to help them, to ease their pain, to understand their pain. When I took chemistry, I was fresh out of high school and not truly guided with college. I overloaded myself with classes and textbooks came weeks late in the mail and I fell so behind in class, that I lost the belief in my ability to perform well and I lost sight of my dream and left school entirely. I realized, seven years later, when I returned to...
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