Ace Cable

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Data Collection - Ace Cable
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Data Collection - Ace Cable
As stated in the week two, Ace Cable is an established company that offers cable television, telephone and internet services to its customers. These services are available to customers across the United States and they have been in business since 2000. In recent years, the competition has grown and Ace Cable is experiencing a decrease in customer enrollments. Customers now have multiple options to consider before enrolling into an agreement and Ace Cable is conducting research to persuade more people to sign on with the company. The research included defining the population from which the samples were collected. When it comes to the population and the different samples collected, the main goal is to focus on customers and provide outstanding services by conducting customer interviews, and surveys including group interviews of all ages. There are several methods that have taken place concerning collecting samples. The individual interviews we have collected were samples by applying surveys, from face to face interviews, in-store feedback, and telephone surveys. These surveys and interviews are conducted on a daily basis. These surveys are taking place in order to better our business when it comes to Ace cable. Individuals are completing surveys by voicing their opinions when it comes to the services and the channels that are selected. By having these surveys and interviews in place, we are getting the best feedback on what type of services they are looking forward to and what needs to be improved. In regard to group interviews, samples are being collected by surveys that are conducted at the time of the interviews. The surveys samples that are collected deals with expectations, feedback, and improved service. By having these different outcomes taking place, we can collect enough samples through interviewing and surveys bring an outstanding cable company. Next step is to...
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