Accuracy of Historical Films

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  • Published : June 11, 2014
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What is the worth of Historical films? How accurate a portrayal of Roman gladiatorial games and culture is the movie “Gladiator”? In society today historical films are merely valuable to society as a form of entertainment. Historical events have become another form of stimulus for directors when creating an engaging film for audience’s .In the creation of a film many historical inaccuracies occur as seen in the film Gladiator. This film instead of being a historical recreation of the Roman culture and gladiatorial games tends to embody the idea of certain characters and events. They reflect 21st century ideals onto these historical events to create a film that will appeal to the masses. Ultimately these inaccuracies are in insignificant in detracting from the purpose of these films which is to entertain. Historical films are merely a form of entertainment that is used to engage the masses but this is the extent of its value to society. Unlike a documentary, films are supposed to be “aesthetic journeys” and historical events are merely another form of stimulus for a director trying to create an individual storyline. On the release of the “historical film” 300, Warner Bros issued a statement insisting that it “developed this film purely as a fictional work with the sole purpose of entertaining audiences” . In order to entertain audiences film makers must use these historical events , edit where necessary ,to create an film for a 21st century audience. Gladiator is a key example of where an aspect of a culture has been reworked into a blockbuster film. The writer for Gladiator started to develop the story after reading “those who are about to die” by Daniel P Mannix .The sinking of the titanic is an important historical event but in order to pitch this event to a current audience it was mixed with “a Romeo and Juliet love story” . David Benioff summed up precisely the method in which accuracy in a historical film is undertaken “as for being absolutely faithful...
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