Acculturation Anthropology

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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In this paper, we will define and discuss acculturation and provide examples of original culture and the acculturation process. We will also describe the adaptive strategies for economic changes and describe the meaning of art. We will also look at the changes in concepts associated with marriage and family.

We will first define acculturation and culture and discuss how acculturation came about. We will see how acculturation has impacted various aspects of life for communities. We will look at the mechanisms of cultural change and the meaning of art and how acculturation has been a benefit or detriment to it. Culture is distinctive to humanity, and refers to customary behavior and beliefs that are passed on through enculturation. Culture rests on the human capacity for cultural learning. Culture encompasses rules for conduct internalized in human beings, which lead them to think and act in characteristic ways. (1) There are three mechanisms of cultural change, diffusion, acculturation and independent invention. There are distinct differences between these mechanisms. Diffusion is when one culture of people borrows traits from another culture. It is easy to see why diffusion exists because no culture has been completely isolated from all others. Diffusion can cover vast distances quickly like a rumor spreading. Essentially everyone has something to lend to someone else. There are three forms of diffusion, direct, indirect, and forced. Direct diffusion happens when two or more cultures trade, intermarry, or wage war on one another. Diffusion is forced when one culture subjugates another and imposes its customers on the dominated group. Indirect diffusion happens when items are exchanged from one group to another without face to face contact. Acculturation is the second mechanism of cultural change; it is the exchange of cultural features that occurs when groups have continuous face to face contact with one another. The definition of...
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