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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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1.(TCO D) Return on investment (ROI) is equal to the margin multiplied by (Points : 5)

Ans: turnover (b)
2.(TCO D) Given the following data, what would ROI be?

Ans: 20% (b)
3.(TCO D) Last year, the House of Orange had sales of $826,650, net operating income of $81,000, and operating assets of $84,000 at the beginning of the year and $90,000 at the end of the year. What was the company's turnover, rounded to the nearest tenth? (Points : 5)

Ans: 9.5 (a)
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1.(TCO D) Data for December concerning Dinnocenzo Corporation's two major business segments-Fibers and Feedstocks-appear below: Sales revenues, Fibers$870,000
Sales revenues, Feedstocks$820,000
Variable expenses, Fibers$426,000
Variable expenses, Feedstocks$344,000
Traceable fixed expenses, Fibers $148,000
Traceable fixed expenses, FeedstocksS156,000
Common fixed expenses totaled $314,000 and were allocated as follows: $129,000 to the Fibers business segment and $185,000 to the Feedstocks business segment.


Prepare a segmented income statement in the contribution format for the company. Omit percentages; show only dollar amounts. (Points : 25)
Ans: Dinnocenzo Corporation
Income statement for the year ended ..........
Description Company Fibers Feedstocks Revenue 1,690,000 870,000 820,000 Variable costs 770,000 426,000 344,000 --------------------------------- Contribution Margin 920,000 444,000 476,000 Traceable fixed Expenses 304,000 148,000 156,000 ---------------------------------- Segment Margin 616,000 296,000 320,000 Common Fixed Expenses 314,000

Net Operating Income 302,000...
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